Why Losing Those Fake Friends Isn't So Bad

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I understand how hurtful it can be to lose friends you never banked on cutting lose. But like anything in this world, nothing lasts forever. Not even friendships.

What Is The Real Motive Behind The Friendship?

Learn The Truth Behind The Friendship

Anyone with pure true intentions builds a real friendship based on similarities and common ground. That however is not the case for everyone you meet in lift. Often, there are ulterior motives behind the sudden befriending. Whether for personal gain. Perhaps, you have connections, or simply make them “look good” because you’re popular. Other times, friends build bonds because where you are within life makes them feel good about themselves.

For example, say you’re young and really want to to fit in. This breathes insecurity and those who prey on the weak can feel the desperation. So, those who gravitate towards you because oh yeah…they look down on you. These friends are usually phony and will be the last friends to look upon for support.

Honestly, if any friend looks down on you rather than life you up is no friend at all. Let’s not forget the friends who only discuss themselves and what is going on in their life. God forbid, you have problems of your own. Any accomplishments of your own. They are no where to be around because they simply do not care.

Social Media Has Made Things Worse

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram are built to keep people connected. But often it’s more of a surveillance device to keep tabs on those you went to school with to make sure they’re not doing better than you. If you’ve ever noticed that it’s more people who view your stories way more often then they like or comment on your post. Social media seems to be one big, “Look At Me,” fest.

Want To Know Who Your Friends Are?

Either go through a hard time, or start a business. If you’re trying to manifest your dreams into reality you will have a rude awakening once you discover some friends or even family won’t always be the first to support you. But that’s okay because it’s a huge world out there waiting to find out all about what you have to offer.

But as you focus more on your business and less on them. They may feel slighted by your newfound hustle or goals. Slowly, you’ll notice more of them beginning to fall off, connecting you less and less. Making more excuses as to why you guys can’t hang out. After a while, communication will start to cease. When you begin to lose people, don’t feel too bad. You’re simply losing inadequate friends to be in your life anyway. Thus, making room for compadres that deserve a real spot in your life. So, although, it hurts losing friends it’s always best to have quality versus quantity any day.

Oh, and always watch out for jealous friends who are secretly envious. Those type of friends are hidden enemies in disguise. Too many times women and men are losing their lives to the hands of people they truly trusted. But all the while these so-called friends plotted against you . Be careful, of those who want to get to close to you. Be wary of those who want your life. They will do anything to get it. Even if it means taking yours to take your place. Not every smiling face is a friendly face. Jealousy and envy runs deep within insecure people.

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