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They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But what do you do when your best friend turns out to be both? This is the question Crystal Hall-Rose has to ask herself once she finds out the truth about her longtime friend Trish Yearwood.
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Double Take

Two twin brothers, grow up in the same household but each take two completely different paths in life. Karlos Hunter was fascinated by fast money and quick opportunities. It wasn’t until he is served a five year prison sentence for drug possession that he vows to change his life around.

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Sleeping with the Enemy

Jeffrey Willis was a charmer. He was what some would call a, “Ladies Man.” But what they failed to realize is, he lived with an unbelievable secret that could take him to an early grave.
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Flirting with Temptations

Monica Clayton is a smart and successful Senior Marketing Executive at Shears & Perry marketing firm. When is partnered with married co-worker Keith Jackson. Things take an interesting turn for the worse once the two become involved romantically. What starts off as an ordinary fling turns into a sadistic fatal attraction.

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Daddy’s Home

Abandoned, raped, homeless and molested are just a list of things Danielle Turner has endured while growing up. Being sexually abused at the age of thirteen by her alcoholic father and ignored by her mother. Danielle runs away from home.
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Sista World: Twisted Tales

Imagine a world where black women control everything. The former F.L.O.T.U.S; Michelle Obama, is the president, and the entire judicial system is filled to the brim with intelligent, melanin-kissed, goddesses. For black women, this utopian society is called: Sista World, but for men, this world is unfortunately: Hell, on Earth.
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I Know Why

The Caged

Bird Sings .

Maya Angelou

The best way to get it done. Is to start.

Treat your story like a newborn baby. Don’t rush the process. It grows one day at a time.

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Hello. I’m the author of 5 books. I’ve started writing books at the age of 16 and published 3 books before the age of 30. My 5th book comes out December 1st.

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