Sleeping with the Enemy


Jeffrey Willis was a charmer. He was what some would call a “Ladies Man”. But what they failed to realize is, he lived with a unbelievable secret that could take him to an early grave. He was born with the HIV virus and he had no problems with spreading it to as many men and women as possible.Abandoned by his father who was up for execution for infecting more than 60 people inside of a Jacksonville correctional facility. He learns a hard lesson about life. No one will ever understand his pain and suffering.But what he fails to see is how his actions will soon come back to haunt him in a very dangerous way. Just when he decides to try and make amends with his troubled past but is it too late? Someone’s out for a bloody revenge and they won’t stop until he’s taken his last breath.

Sleeping with the Enemy


Reader Review

Trigger warnings for physical abuse and emotional abuse.

This book is 100% urban thriller at its finest. Even thou this book have a lot of crazy moments, I actually felt sorry for every character.

By Ayana & Luke

I have read all her books she never disappoints great author and a great book can’t wait for her next book.

Kindle Customer
This was a good read. It was good from the beginning to the end. I look forward to reading more from this author.- Diane Colvin
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