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Daddy's Home E-Book
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Daddy's Home E-Book

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Abandoned, raped, homeless and molested are just a list of things Danielle Turner has endured while growing up. Being sexually abused at the age of thirteen by her alcoholic father and ignored by her mother after she witnesses the act herself forces Danielle to run away from home. She tries to settle in with her Aunt Tralene and her snooty cousin Sadie but when she finds out some startling news about her parents, she decides to face the real world on her own.

Danielle then finds herself homeless and pregnant after meeting Desmond Washington a popular guy at her school. With no one to trust she turns to a life on the streets. She later meets smooth talker Dante Willis who promises to take care of her. What she doesn’t realize is that his promises come with hidden agendas. Danielle finds herself being coerced into prostitution and abusing drugs to earn her keep in Dante’s house.

The hard streets of Detroit, MI. grow her up quick but it isn’t until an encounter with her father that she is finally able to let go of her past.

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