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Are you currently dusting off your "to-read" list? Thumbing through the mini library that seemed to have formed on your coffee table? 

Here are a few books that I've added to my list.

1.) The Other Black Girl-Zakiyah Dalila Harris 

 Synopsis summary-African American Nella Rogers is tired of being the only black employee at Wagner Books. She works as a junior editor. Yet when a fresh new face comes doting into the office named Hazel May McCall. Nella is elated! She thinks she's found a friend in ole Hazel. But how does the saying go...all skin folk ain't kinfolk. Just when Nella thinks she's found her 'sister friend' in Hazel as they share  hair care tips over work emails. Weird things start to happen to Nella such as, mysterious notes stating, "LEAVE WAGNER NOW." Nella doesn't want to believe that Hazel would be the one to leave those notes. Despite her code switching and attempts to throw Nella under the bus over an impending book review. Nella has to get to the bottom of what is truly going on Wagner before she loses not just her career but her mind. 

*Now a hit sitcom on Hulu-Here's my take on the show.

2.) Hollywood Homicide- Kellye Garrett

Synopsis summary-Dayna Anderson doesn't set out to solve a murder. She wants to help her parents save their home. But when she witnesses a hit-and-run incident, she goes after that $15k reward. But then she begins to get in just a little too deep. She wants justice for the victim. Dayna found herself chasing down leads anywhere she can until someone tries to kill her. 

A few other honorable mentions that are on my list are

  • "The Shining" by Stephen King
  • "I'm Glad My Mom Died" by Jeanette McCurdy

What books are you reading this month? What's interesting about them? 

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