Are You Living? Or Simply Existing?

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What Does Your Everyday Typically Look Like? 

Okay…it’s Monday morning and you are lying in bed, tussling back and forth resetting the alarm clock. That weekend seemed like it flew by. Man, wasn’t it just Friday. What happened? Now, you’re staring at the ceiling wondering where did the time go? Because you know the time has come for you to drive to the job that deep down is killing you mentally.

Yes, this job pays the bills and covers all the finances. Or does it? But when it comes to checking off the boxes of joy and excitement it falls short. The only thing you may enjoy is a couple of co-workers who express the same exact disdain as you do. As you crack jokes about the boss behind his or her back by the water cooler as the only satisfaction of the day. I know at this point in society leaving a secure job during this day and age would seem idiotic.

But here me out! I am not saying to up and leave immediately. Of course not, that would be chaotic. I will say this though, save your paychecks to start a side gig or hustle. Keep using your regular day job to finance your passion projects until it can easily replace your main income. I know you’ve heard this a million times. Trust me, I know. I can see you rolling your eyes at the very thought of this. Look, my friend…I want to tell you that life is too short to be anything but happy. Because while you’re too afraid to leave; you’re constantly berated by your boss to make constant deadlines. Nothing is ever good enough for them. It’s a relentless effort of trying to please someone who will never be pleased.

“You must make deadline! You must turn in your project by the end of day Thursday. Our partners are expecting so much from us!”

I’m like whoa! Is that my problem? Ha-ha! Often these jobs care little to nothing about your mental health or personal/family life. This can’t be legal.

Which is why I feel it’s so important for one to find their true life purpose. Whether you’ve always wanted to open a coffee shop or start an online business. Whatever it is. Don’t wait another day to pursue your dreams. Be practical. Have a back up plan. Slowly, take the required steps that it will take to get the project off the ground. Besides the year is half way over, don’t repeat the same toxic habits of staying in an environment that’s not conducive to your sanity or well-being. Will you let yet another year pass you by feeling unfilled? 

Whether you fail or succeed at least you can live with yourself knowing that you initially took the first step towards required growth. Do yourself a favor and get started today. Please don’t lock yourself into a lifetime of misery. Now, if you genuinely enjoy your job then this post isn’t for you. By all means, continue doing what you love! But for those who dread Monday mornings, but absolutely love Friday afternoons! This is for you!

Get started on your passionate journey today; your mental health will thank you! If you don’t know what your passion is. Don’t sweat it. Just simply ask yourself what is the one thing you would do on the side if you weren’t to be paid for it. Find that one thing you would do in your spare time. Yes, a hobby. But hey, I’ve heard plenty of people make a living off their hobbies. That next person could be you! Find out who you are. What you are? What amuses you?

Life is a journey. A journey that should be spent being happy. Find the joy within you to bring it to this world. Many may need talents like yours. Don’t hold yourself back. Go after what it is you want. Let’s do something different. The year 2023 is vastly approaching. Why not get started now rather than later?!

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