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Never Rely On One Source of Income

If COVID-19 has taught me anything. It has taught me to not rely solely on one income. Back in early to mid 2020 when the corona virus first hit, millions of Americans were laid off. A lot of people lost not only their income, but also some were evicted from their homes. No one saw this coming. It was shock to everyone. 

Small businesses also closed. This virus impacted everyone from employees, to employers. Lives were lost and income vanished. Which brings me to my point of why I decided to write this blog post. There is also an upside to this pandemic taking place. The uptick of side businesses and hustles. People learned that although yes the president issued out those nice stimulus checks. That money would only take you so far especially if you're unemployed with bills and rent that still needed to be paid. 

Ideas To Keep Money Coming 

In today's society it is impossible to survive off of one paycheck alone. Even if you are working a full-time job. With the rising cost of living and landlords jacking up the price of rent. You have to find multiple streams of income. Whether that's a side hustle, driving for Door Dash, Lyft or Uber. We can't survive off one steady income alone anymore. Inflation is steadily increasing making it hard for many people to survive. 

Here are some ideas to not exactly replace your income but perhaps add to it.

1.) Deliver Groceries or Food To People   

Whether it's for Door Dash or Instacart. Delivering groceries and fast food to customers can provide opportunities to add some financial cushion to your proverbial pockets. Bringing McDonald's and snacks to people from their favorite restaurants can possibly provide you an extra $20/hour. That's not too bad for a delivery job.

2.) Become A Content Creator 

Although, it may take some time to grow. You may want to look into being a content creator. Yes! Why not make passive income doing something you are passionate about. Everyone is on YouTube nowadays so why not you! Once you start making a name for yourself you can really generate some serious ad revenue. So sit down and turn on that camera and get busy! 

3.) Donate Plasma For Money

Okay, I know this isn't exactly a side hustle or side gig. But if your in a pinch and in desperate need of a couple hundred dollars. Donating your plasma could earn you anything from $200-$400. There may be some health and physical requirements that must be followed. But if you're short on rent or behind on a bill this is a great way to get yourself covered until payday. 

4.) Pet-Sitting/Dog Walking 

If you love furry companions then maybe pet sitting or dog walking can be something you wouldn't mind doing. Getting paid to walk other people's pets for a day. The best part of it all is you get paid to do this on your own time. Set your own hours. The more pups you can handle the more cash you get. Not too bad to hang around doggies all day. 

5.) Truck Driving 

Now if you enjoy driving. Why not get paid for it? Although it requires additional licensing like a CDL or any other type of license. But you can either work for yourself or work for an already established company. Lots of people go into this business and rake in tons of dollars. If you can establish contracts with surrounding businesses to deliver to them. Trucking can become a profitable stream of income for you. 

6.) Consulting 

 Think about what you love! Do you enjoy cooking, crafting or even giving advice. Would you do it if you weren't getting paid to do it. Lots of people are becoming life coaches and creating a service based business. Try offering classes or a course that helps solve a problem that people are struggling with. If you can solve a problem that is challenging to people you can get paid big! Think about what you love to do, build a course around that and get paid for it. 

7.) Freelancing

Whether it's for art, writing, or whatever creative process you're into. Becoming a freelancer can be rewarding and bring in an additional income towards doing something that you love. Besides you can take on as many or as little projects as you want or need. These projects could be graphic design skills to build logos or graphics for a website. If you're into writing you can contribute your talents for a blog or newspaper. 

Things To Keep In Mind 

These are just a few things that you can do to bring in an additional source of income. What do you think of this list? Can you add any of your own? Keep in mind your creative passions. Or something that you are good at or simply enjoy doing. Do your research and find ways to make an income from it. Have fun within the process. 

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