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Trigger warnings for physical abuse and emotional abuse.

This book is 100% urban thriller at its finest. Even thou this book have a lot of crazy moments, I actually felt sorry for every character.

By Ayana & Luke

I have read all her books she never disappoints great author and a great book can’t wait for her next book.

Kindle Customer

“I absolutely loved this book!”

Anthony Hudson

“Janae Marie has done it again I couldn’t put this book down great read, she never disappoints can’t wait for her next book.”

Kindle Customer

This book is a sad but reality true lifestyle for a lot of young ladies today. I couldn’t put this book down because I saw a few young ladies that I knew from my past in this book. Accept the truth or not, it’s out there.

Danielle was a young child being abused with no one to rescue her. She tried to endure til it lead her down curvy roads. She was truly looking for the love of someone badly and got it unfortunately the wrong way. She had to learn life the hard hard way. The one person whom was there for her she could see the forest for the trees as the saying goes. Desmond is my dude!!!! He hung in there to Danielle surprise taking up the slack she left. Then the bestie Jaz & Jon who came on the white horse to save her at her lowest point and lead her to Christ. Great book can’t wait to see what happens to Danielle.–MzB

This book has it all lies, deceit, a little love everything you want in a good book and its relatable because there is so many girls who deals with what the character in this book is dealing with a must pick up and read. Can’t wait for the next book to come out.–Shareta Silver.

Danielle had a extremely hard life . Growing up with a non caring mother and an abusive father was just the beginning of her troubles in her young life. With shocking turns of events and a mind blowing ending this story will definitely have you on edge til the very end.–CoVeRpAgE

This book was amazing. I read it in one sitting. This book shows you can’t trust anybody.–Amazon Customer.

That is the true reason why you should never think you are bigger than you are, no one is above the law. I truly believe that everyone has a shady family member like him. Good Ending.–Kell. 
Awesome Book. I love the intrigue and the suspense. I can’t wait to read more of your work. –Justin M
An extremely powerful story about two twin brothers. By society standards one good one evil. They couldn’t be more opposite but one thing in common in my view. They both are fighting inner demons, Not all is as it seems. Great story if your looking for excitement and love. –Miguel Rios

Lots of unexpected twists and turns in this book. Although Monica was the “bad guy”, I liked her. When you get caught up in the world of married men, you invite crazy into your life. That’s exactly what Monica got. Crazy, crazier, and went crazy herself. Karma will not let you walk away scott free. Does anyone really get the happily ever after?–Savannah Ridge.
This book was great Monica was on a true love life roller coaster ride. There was always something around the corner. This is definitely for jumpoffs who don’t care about a persons home situation. i could not put it down. I completed this book in 2 days outside of work I did little else but read this book.–Kindle Customer
Although this book was a step outside of what I normally read, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. In the beginning I felt it wasn’t going to be a good book for me but, it turned out to be a pretty good read. I enjoyed it & it held my attention well!–Miss. 80s Lovebird

I liked this book but it was too short. After all, karma is real. It didn’t have to end that way. I hope there is a part 2. What happened to Jeremy? Did Monica finally get hers?Kisha Bawssette Collins.

Great story with intriguing characters and an interesting plot. A definite page turner and must read from a new and upcoming author!!–Jessmarie
This book was an excellent read Flirting with Temptation was a great title men and women need to read this book–Ebonie Hudson.
For everyone who ever cheated or who thought about cheating or have been cheated on, this book is for you. So go get it, read it, NOT NOW BUT RIGHT NOW! This book will keep you asking what happened next and saying, “NO SHE DIDN’T!” and “NO HE DIDN’T.” I’m waiting for the next book.–Kell