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Bringing you drama from the streets with a book by Janae Marie


Sleeping with the Enemy



Sleeping with the Enemy




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Double Take | Paperback


Double Take | Ebook


Daddy’s Home | Paperback


Daddy’s Home | Ebook


Flirting with Temptations | Paperback


Flirting with Temptations | Ebook


Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.

Paul Simon

Get lost in a world where imagination exist.

Bringing you drama from the streets with a book from Janae Marie.

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Hello. I’m the author of 5 books. I’ve started writing books at the age of 16 and published 3 books before the age of 30. My 5th book comes out December 1st.

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Bringing you drama from the streets. With a book by Janae Marie

Amazing Reads

Feel the words as they leap off the page.
Jeffrey Willis was a charmer. He was what some would call a “Ladies Man”. But what they failed to realize is, he lived with a unbelievable secret that could take him to an early grave. He was born with the HIV virus and he had no problems with spreading it to as many men and women as possible. Abandoned by his father who was up for execution for infecting more than 60 people inside of a Jacksonville correctional facility. He learns a hard lesson about life. No one will ever understand his pain and suffering.But what he fails to see is how his actions will soon come back to haunt him in a very dangerous way. Just when he decides to try and make amends with his troubled past but is it too late? Someone’s out for a bloody revenge and they won’t stop until he’s taken his last breath.

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But what do you do when your best friend turns out to be both? This is the question Crystal Hall-Rose has to ask herself once she finds out the truth about her longtime friend Trish Yearwood. When Crystal begins to live the fairy-tale lifestyle Trish so desperately desires; she stops at nothing to sabotage Crystal’s happiness. Even if it means murder! With friends like this, who needs enemies?

Two twin brothers, grow up in the same household but each take two completely different paths in life. Karlos Hunter was fascinated by fast money and quick opportunities. It wasn’t until he is served a five year prison sentence for drug possession that he vows to change his life around.
Meanwhile, Karlton Hunter is educated and ambitious. A graduate from Michigan State University. He goes on to be the city councilman of Detroit. Karl believes he has it all until he becomes bored within his marriage. Suddenly, an unexplained murder comes into play framing one of the brothers to a crime they did not commit, landing them in jail for a life sentence. Which brother is telling the truth in this urban crime drama?

More Amazing Reads

Abandoned, raped, homeless and molested are just a list of things Danielle Turner has endured while growing up. Being sexually abused at the age of thirteen by her alcoholic father and ignored by her mother after she witnesses the act herself forces Danielle to run away from home. She tries to settle in with her Aunt Tralene and her snooty cousin Sadie but when she finds out some startling news about her parents, she decides to face the real world on her own.

Danielle then finds herself homeless and pregnant after meeting Desmond Washington a popular guy at her school. With no one to trust she turns to a life on the streets. She later meets smooth talker Dante Willis who promises to take care of her. What she doesn’t realize is that his promises come with hidden agendas. Danielle finds herself being coerced into prostitution and abusing drugs to earn her keep in Dante’s house.

The hard streets of Detroit, MI. grow her up quick but it isn’t until an encounter with her father that she is finally able to let go of her past.

Monica Clayton is a smart and successful Senior Marketing Executive at Shears & Perry marketing firm. A single mother to a five year old little girl appears to almost have it all until she is partnered with married co-worker Keith Jackson. Things take an interesting turn for the worse once the two become involved romantically. What starts off as an ordinary fling turns into a sadistic fatal attraction.

She then meets her next victim Computer Consultant Marlin Turner. She falls head over heels for him. That is until she meets his Latina fired up wife Kasha a small woman with a short fuse. After a mysterious encounter leads to murder Monica is forced to watch her back as she soon becomes the target of revenge. A path of sleeping with married men slowly begins to catch up with her when she winds up in a tragic accident fighting for her life.

Monica finally realizes her actions could soon lead her to an early grave if she doesn’t change her ways. While on a quest for forgiveness Monica meets eligible bachelor Jeremy Stuart. The couple plans to share their life together that is until she runs into Kasha on a plane. Who wants revenge for the pain Monica has caused. Is it too late for Monica to change her home wrecker ways or will she always be haunted by a past that will ultimately determine the fate of her future?

Imagine a world where black women control everything. The former F.L.O.T.U.S; Michelle Obama, is the president, and the entire judicial system is filled to the brim with intelligent, melanin-kissed, goddesses. For black women, this utopian society is called: Sista World, but for men, this world is unfortunately: Hell, on Earth.  As the book opens, a horrible incident takes place involving the police, and Sista World is outraged. The #BLACKLIVESMATTER Movement is in full swing, and as the plot thickens, the one-sided media coverage sparks the #SAYHISNAME Campaign. The devastating turn of events eventually impacts the lives of five characters who are connected in the strangest of ways. The twisted tales of these five characters are vividly told through the eyes of five extraordinarily talented authors: China, Verkeya Lanece, Janae Marie, K. Sharronne, and B’Shone. SISTA WORLD: Twisted Tales is meant to praise black women, while opening dialogue regarding women in church leadership roles, the rap industry, and the world of construction. The book also puts the idea of deadbeat mothers, sexual double standards, and mental instability under the microscope. In addition to the roles of women in society, the #BLACKLIVESMATTER Movement, and the #SAYHERNAME Campaign, both appear in the book in a “twisted” way. 100% of the proceeds from this book will be donated to non-profit organizations with a mission is to highlight and eradicate police brutality against black women.